Sedabond: gluing solutions for corrugated board production.
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Sedabond: gluing solutions for corrugated board production

Sedabond advantages for gluing solutions

The corrugated industry is constantly innovating, with new machines delivering higher performance, quality, and enhanced sustainability practice. At SEDAMYL, we continue to evolve by providing gluing solutions that support the industry and meet the latest requirements.


We have developed a range of innovative and sustainable modified starches, SEDABOND, that improve the bonding of all production grades.


SEDABOND provide gluing solutions, enhancing productivity, quality and reducing total operating cost (divided by square metre produced).


Several trials in the field demonstrated that SEDABOND modified starches also perform well during heavy-duty fruit and vegetable production, increasing the mechanical strength of the boxes and their final quality. They reduce glue consumption by 20% and minimise the thermal energy necessary to dry the cardboard compared to native starches, improving the sustainability of our products.


At SEDAMYL, our technical support team is ready to find the best gluing solutions to suit your specific application.


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