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Enjoy ice cream with 30% less sugar, thanks to Sedamyl’s new dried syrup – SEDADRY 3440

There are many benefits to reducing sugar in our diets, including stabilising our mood and energy levels, better digestion, and weight loss. Whilst the health benefits of less sugar always add up, many of us still have a sweet tooth craving to satisfy from time to time.


This is where reduced sugar options in sweet foods and desserts come into play. Take Sedamyl’s newly developed SEDADRY 3440 for example. It’s a dried syrup alternative, with a unique sugars profile and powder morphology, that help to formulate products with 30% less sugar labelling whilst still delivering on taste. The product aims to improve the rheological characteristics and reduce sweetness.


Ice creams are a particularly good product base for the use of the syrup. Recipes using SEDADRY 3440 instead of sucrose have proven to be slightly less sweet while still delivering creaminess and stability. Adding SEDADRY 3440 gives a better texture, increasing the overrun and allowing emulsifiers reduction. It contributes moreover to decrease the crystal formation keeping ice creams softness and pleasant texture.


ice cream less sugar



In addition, SEDADRY 3440 creates a creamy consistency to water-based ice creams, keeping the ‘spoonability’ of the final product and adding additional texture to non-fat ice creams such as sorbets.




SEDADRY 3440 is beneficial to both the consumer and manufacturer as it allows reducing the sugar in products by up to 30% while improving organoleptic quality, contributing to a healthy and tasty alternative for those who enjoy a sweet treat.


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