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Sedamyl announces recruitment opportunities to support £80m expansion

Sedamyl employeeYorkshire-based agribusiness SEDAMYL has announced a major recruitment drive to support its recent £80million investment in the business’ Selby plant.

The Italian family-owned organisation – one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of proteins, alcohol, starches and sweeteners – announced a significant expansion of its plant last February. The £80m development will lead to the firm doubling its UK production, allowing for new product lines and an increased market for wheat grown by local farmers.

To support the growing operation, SEDAMYL, which is celebrating ten years operating in Selby this year, is now on the lookout for new people to join its dedicated and diverse team. There are a range of roles available across several areas of the business, including plant production/operatives, engineering, logistics, quality control, procurement, customer services and human resources. From just 40 colleagues in 2012 to over 100 today, SEDAMYL’s workforce has continued to grow, offering long term career development opportunities for people across Yorkshire.

In addition to the 10th anniversary and expansion project, last November SEDAMYL secured the Rural Award at the Yorkshire Post ‘Excellence in Business’ Awards 2021, cementing its position as one of Europe’s industry leaders in grain processing and production.

Elena Frandino, Managing Director at SEDAMYL UK and a member of the family that has owned the business for 60 years, said: “It was an incredibly proud moment for us when we announced such a huge investment in our Selby plant. Our business has fantastic opportunities for growth in the Yorkshire region and we are confident that our expansion will help to broaden our product offering and reinforce our position as a leading, sustainable supplier.

Our business is built on family values, which are at the heart of everything we do. That’s why we are so excited to be able to offer a diverse range of jobs within our team, helping to support growth and expand our SEDAMYL family in the UK. Celebrating our 10th anniversary in Selby this year cements our commitment and dedication to driving career opportunities in the UK and our continued support of Yorkshire farmers and suppliers in the area.


Sedamyl - High Protein Bar
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Vegan protein bars: SEDA M500 raise the bar!

In the SEDAMYL Application Lab we are always looking to answer and anticipate consumer’s needs. With this in mind, we recently developed a range of high proteins cereal bar concepts using our soluble protein SEDA M500.

SEDA M500 is a neutral tasting, soluble and highly digestible wheat protein. In order to obtain the best organoleptic and texture results, we used a selection of SEDAMYL glucoses: SEDAVISC 2972, SEDAMALT 6780 and SEDAFRUCT 4271.

With the right balance of glucose syrups and proteins, you can include up to 35% of SEDA M500 and still maintain a firm texture. In optimised production conditions this can be increased to 40%.

Combining SEDA M500 with the sweetness of the SEDAFRUCT 4271 and the binding properties of the SEDAVISC 2972 creates a vegan cereal bar meeting the main trends in food innovation (reduced sugars, high in proteins and plant based) which also maintains a sweet taste and balanced texture.

Interested to know more about it? Get in touch today. Many recipes are available to answer all your needs.

NHS test
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Press release

Sedamyl Supports Staff with COVID Testing

Yorkshire business calls on firms to implement staff testing to support return to the workplace


As businesses in the region plan for their staff returning to the workplace, Yorkshire-based agribusiness Sedamyl is heralding the benefits of implementing a business-wide Test and Trace system in partnership with the NHS.

With firms across the country planning returns to the workplace, Sedamyl, based in Selby, is encouraging other businesses to implement regular COVID-19 virus testing for staff to help reduce the spread of the virus, bringing peace of mind to team members and ensuring business continuity in an uncertain economy.

After being among the first companies in the UK to roll out independent workplace testing for employees as early as November 2020, Sedamyl was able to identify asymptomatic positives early on and prevent the virus spreading on site. The weekly testing allowed the business to ensure the safety of its 90 members of staff and more than 100 contractors, minimising disruption to the organisation and its supply chains.

It also allowed the firm to continue to deliver projects including its recently-announced expansion plans, which will see it double production, create additional jobs, add new product lines, and provide an increased market for wheat grown by local farmers.

Elena Frandino, Managing Director at Sedamyl UK and a member of family that has owned the business for 60 years, said: “We identified at an early stage the importance of providing our team with a safe way of returning to the workplace to ensure staff wellbeing was maintained and production was allowed to continue, meaning there was no halt in service for our clients.

This included investing in weekly testing before tests were available nationally, and ensuring staff were able to isolate if they received a positive test. We have also followed recent Government recommendations and introduced lateral flow testing across the firm to deliver rapid results.”

sedamyl test nhs

(Manuela Pipitone, Lab Manager / Elena Frandino, Managing Director SEDAMYL UK)


“We’d encourage other businesses in the region to follow Government guidance and ensure they have a robust Track and Trace system in place.

As we look towards the next step of the Government roadmap out of lockdown, this will help ensure staff feel supported and comfortable in returning to the workplace and business can continue as usual.”

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Press release

Sedamyl new commercial names

In July 2019, we started a new journey. Today, one year later, we are pleased to announce another important step: the new Sedamyl Commercial Brands.

The rebranding concerns our full Starches & Sweeteners and Proteins Portfolio. As part of the rebranding, we put our purpose “naturally reliable” front and centre, using the “Seda” root as the main character to reinforce the link between company name and products.

Here below the new Sedamyl brand range:

Have a look at our video here