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Vegan protein bars: SEDA M500 raise the bar!

Sedamyl - High Protein Bar

In the SEDAMYL Application Lab we are always looking to answer and anticipate consumer’s needs. With this in mind, we recently developed a range of high proteins cereal bar concepts using our soluble protein SEDA M500.

SEDA M500 is a neutral tasting, soluble and highly digestible wheat protein. In order to obtain the best organoleptic and texture results, we used a selection of SEDAMYL glucoses: SEDAVISC 2972, SEDAMALT 6780 and SEDAFRUCT 4271.

With the right balance of glucose syrups and proteins, you can include up to 35% of SEDA M500 and still maintain a firm texture. In optimised production conditions this can be increased to 40%.

Combining SEDA M500 with the sweetness of the SEDAFRUCT 4271 and the binding properties of the SEDAVISC 2972 creates a vegan cereal bar meeting the main trends in food innovation (reduced sugars, high in proteins and plant based) which also maintains a sweet taste and balanced texture.

Interested to know more about it? Get in touch today. Many recipes are available to answer all your needs.